Vertu replica luxury phones

VIP Luxury Phones Warranty Policy

Only our company can offer you premium 12 months warranty about every product. We would help you gladly as soon as you experience any kind of trouble. Our customer service will always be available for assisting in every possible way. You will receive an answer within 24 hours after your inquiry. Starting from the purchase date you can use the warranty for any kind of claims, including: software or hardware issues that are not cause by the users fault.

All returned items should be sent back to us by using ONLY EMS, USPS or your local Post office.

Never use FedEx, UPS, DHL or TNT to send back the goods to us.

If you return your item under warranty via FedEx, UPS or DHL the warranty will be dropped thus it will immediately become INVALID and not acceptable.

Prior returning your item(s) to us under warranty make sure to check our return policy

All items that should be repaired/replaced under warranty should be sent back to us via the normal post services or EMS.

Please write on the envelope "ELECTRONIC WARRANTY" and declare the value of the package to $15 USD.

If you fail to label the envelope as mentioned and declare it's value as mentioned above the warranty will be dropped thus it will immediately become INVALID and not acceptable.

If you send back the item(s) back repair under warranty, please send only one phone and one battery, without sending back the back covers, memory cards, SIM cards, boxes, cables or any other spare parts. We can not be liable for any lost/broken sim cards, memory cards, cables etc. in case you do not comply with this policy.

If you sending back the goods for exchange, please send back everything you received from us and make sure the goods are completely new.

No matter you are sending back the goods for repair or exchange, please pack the goods well and write down the problems of the goods, your requirements, the return address, your phone number and email address clearly on a piece of paper and put it into the envelope which you are going to send back.

Your request will be delayed if there is a missing information. We will not be responsible for damaged goods caused by a poor packing.

If there is a real problem with your item and it really needs to be repaired/exchanged our company will fix the problem and deliver the products back to you at company expenses.

If the returned product is found NOT DEFECTIVE, we will return the original working parts to you at your own expenses for the return shipping cost.

The warranty will be dropped thus discarded and discontinued if the internal covers of the goods are already opened.

We are responsible for warranty products purchased directly from our website.

Warranty does not cover any mechanical issues.

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